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Product codes

  • CSM Base CS0424
  • CSM Data Provider Site License CS0425

Cue Site Manager (CSM) is a software solution for IT staff and asset management allowing to remotely monitor and control boardrooms, offices, auditoriums, classrooms, private homes, flats, etc. and their associated controlled devices. Each site can be identified by name, group and location.

The system monitors any system attribute - lights, room temperature, volume, projector lamp life and power, etc. For each attribute the threshold value and condition can be defined and if this condition is reached one of actions will be triggered.
Each site has set of predefined commands which can be executed by administrator. For example administrator can switch on / off the projector, set room preset or light scene, etc.

Cut Sheet

Programmer's Manual

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Product code CS0413

WebGUI is a new application that expands the range of user functions offered by the Cue System. It is a software solution allowing to design and run web pages stored in touch panel or controller. Web pages can serve for remote monitoring and controlling of Cue System using standard internet browser. Web pages are designed by the same way as touch panel layouts. That means no special knowledge about web page design is required.

In order to use WebGUIServer software it has to be registered.

User Manual

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