Complete control system

A wide range of touch panels, button panels, controllers, and interfaces

Touch panels

Including a line of different size tabletop, on-wall, and built-in wired touch panels.

The touchCUE control panels are wired touch panels that offer a clean modern design with edge-to-edge front glass and a sleek aluminum body. It is an ideal front-end for any tabletop, on-wall, lectern, or furniture built-in application. These touch panels are fully compatible with CUE controllers and interfaces and provide the ultimate one-touch solution for meeting rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, and high-tech homes.

Wired keypads

Small button or touch-screen network keypads

These keypads are fully customizable button control panels compatible with all CUE controllers. This easy-to-use control interface connects to controllers and offers various functions such as display on and off, input switching, volume, and mute control, etc.
A small compact keypad is equipped with eight buttons that are​ changeable (user-defined labels), backlit, and have a programmable LED indication.
A touch-screen network keypad has a user-defined layout with max. 32 buttons divided into max. 4 pages and 4.3” active color LED illumination to display.

Lightweight controllers

SmartCUE controllers are a cheap and cost-effective solution.

The lightweight controllers are cost-effective controllers with IP-enabled and PoE compatibility. There are various types of control ports as versatile or serial ports. Depending on the application each versatile port can be used as an input or output. These controllers are fully compatible with CUE touch panels and can work as a standalone device. 

Compact controllers

Ethernet IP enabled controllers with various control ports.

High-end controllers with great performance recommend for small, medium, and large-scale applications. They have many various control ports depend on the type of unit and all of them have an aluminum enclosure. 

DIN rail controllers

Ethernet IP-enabled controllers with front panel LED indicators for all control ports.

A family of DIN rail controllers has several serial and versatile ports and special ports depend on the type of unit as a DALI, KNX, DMX512, or EnOcean. All of them have a DIN rail plastic enclosures with a width of 4 modules.


Mobile solution

Enables use of any mobile device as a Cue System control panel

The applications appCUE and webCUE are enabled to use any Apple iOS device (iPad®, iPhone®, or iPod® touch), Android tablet, or phone and any Windows PC or tablet as a Cue System control panel. It is a suitable addition to CUE’s touch panels and other control panels. There are provided customized user interfaces that are compatible with all mobile platforms. 
The webCUE application opens in the web browser automatically after scanning the QR code, which is a safe, easy-to-use, and cheap solution for simple meeting room control and reservation.

Special solution

All-in-one solution for home & building integration

The signCUE is a graphic player and interface for HID-compliant touch screens. It is a powerful IP-enabled unit that serves as a controller, server, touch monitor interface, and display device interface. It runs standard projects created in Cue Visual Composer and allows to combine custom graphical environment with controls for AV, lighting, drapes, HVAC, and other technologies.
The controlCUE-hub is a fully functional IP controller with an internal IR blaster and EnOcean wireless communication. It is compatible with IP-accessible devices and connects wirelessly with many EnOcean compatible devices, allowing you to monitor, control, and secure your site from anywhere. It is the perfect heart for DIY products integration incl. retrofit installations.

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