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CVC version 12.50 released


New CVC version brings some new features as well as bug fixes.

We just released new version of Cue Visual Composer.

What is new

This new version of CVC provides full support for deploying the tapCUE-4 network touch-screen keypad. The CVC installation now includes a dedicated driver that allows complete tapCUE-4 setup using properties. There are also several functions that allow you to set indicators and other parameters in the runtime. A font is installed along with CVC, the characters of which can be used as icons in the touch-screen keypad buttons. Everything is completely described in the CVC Help, CUEdevices / tapCUE-4 section.
The tapCUE-4 unit is now available, the product code is CS0589.

The signCUE-one now supports display orientation settings made in the web admin. This allows you to create applications in both landscape and portrait mode.

Some obsolete units have been removed from the CVC installation.

Several small bugs have been fixed.

Please note, that appCUE is available for all platforms
  • For Windows from CUE web site
  • For iOS from App Store
  • For Android from Google Play.

New version of Application Loader is available too.

For more details about new version please contact
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