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Cue Visual Composer


Product code PT0007

Cue Visual Composer (CVC) is brand new All-In-One software for Cue System programming where individual parts of software are closely linked and speak the same language. Cue Visual Composer is direct successor of Cue Director XPL. CVC is creation software for people not only for professional programmers. Powerful touch panel designer supports open architecture. User graphic objects can be created and used very simply.

Main Features

  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • All-In-One application
  • Visual 2D system configuration based on circuit diagram
  • New XPL2 programming language
  • Supports alpha channel for semitransparent objects
  • Multi language support for touch panel applications
  • Vector fonts (TrueType and OpenType) including anti-aliasing
  • Powerful touch panel design functions
  • Used defined graphical objects
  • Topnotch Graphical User Interface (GUI)


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Application Notes


CVC Application Loader


CVC Application Loader is a standalone application which provides project upload without using Cue Visual Composer. Uploaded project must be stored in .cvcx file.



Cue Network Scanner


This utility allows to easily find Cue System and touchONE units on a network. Cue Network Scanner.exe is designed for Windows operating systems and is an executable file that does not require installation.