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Product Overview
Reservation System touchONE
Complete Room Solution
Basic Control Solution
Wired Touch Panels
Wired Keypads
Mobile Solution
Lightweight Controllers
Graphic Player
Programming Tools
Technologies Integration
Supported Technologies

Web Application


Product code CS0605

  • Safe, easy-to-use, and cheap solution for simple room control & meeting management using BYOD
  • Web application activated by scanning a QR code
  • All handled from the comfort of own personal device
  • Touching only own personal device
  • All control in user hands
  • Provides a customized user interface
  • Compatible with all mobile platforms
  • One-time license purchase


Data Sheet


User Manual


Unified Runtime


Product code CS0485

  • Runtime for control applications designed with Cue Visual Composer just like CUE’ touch panels
  • Phone, tablet, or PC can be used as a Cue System control panel
  • Compatible with latest versions of Apple iOS, Android and Windows operating systems
  • Provides a customized user interface
  • Applications and floating licenses stored in any CUE’s controller or touch panel
  • Allows viewing live streaming video
  • Wired or wireless network communication between the control system and devices running appCUE

Data Sheet

User Manual

Setup for Apple iOS

Setup for Android

Setup for Windows